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Rooted in Catholic identity,
Guanellian values, and respectful of all faiths,
the Intellectual Disabilities Division
transforms the lives of people with intellectual
and physical disabilities
by providing a range of services
that promote individuality, empower personal choice,
advance dignity and respect, nourish spirituality,
and foster a family spirit.


Believing in a world where people with intellectual disabilities are
respected and appreciated for their uniqueness,
the Intellectual Disabilities Division
fosters a vibrant community for the individuals we serve
enabling them to live the fullest life to which they aspire.

Our Core Values

The core values that govern all
Catholic Social Services activities include:

Genuine care and heartfelt concern for those we serve.
Respect for each person created in God’s image, regardless of color,
capacity, or age.
Generosity toward all people in response to God’s goodness to us.
Defense of and advocacy for the rights of the poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged.
Professional competence and responsible stewardship of time and resources.

The Communities of Don Guanella and Divine Providence.

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