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At the heart of the spirituality of Don Guanella was a deep and profound Trust in Divine Providence.  This future saint saw God, first and foremost, as a loving Father who cares for each of his “children” and desires to provide for all of them.

To celebrate God’s Providential care and to recognize those men, women, and families whose consistent support has been a vital part of the lifeblood for our Communities of Don Guanella and Divine Providence we have created The Divine Providence Loyalty Society.

The list below recognizes those consistent donors who have made TEN or more gifts to The Communities of Don Guanella and Divine Providence. We are deeply grateful for their providential and consistent support of the men and women we are so blessed to serve.

  • Kevin and Debbie Barr
  • Alice Baumgartner
  • Joe Betz
  • Alicia Blessington
  • Rev. Msgr. Richard Bolger
  • Pete Campbell
  • Georgia Canty
  • Patricia Cooney
  • Bill Copestick
  • Paul Crawford
  • John Cunningham
  • Alfred D’Angelo
  • John and Beth Delaney
  • Charles Donohue
  • Ellen Dukes
  • Angelo Faragalli
  • Ginny Fisher
  • Joseph and Carolyn Golla
  • Jim and Tina Gula
  • Chip and Marge Haelle
  • Thomas Halphen
  • Raymond Harvey
  • William Hill
  • Carl and Eileen Hiller
  • Sister Marijo Holloran
  • Lillian Hood
  • David Hudiak
  • Maureen and Mike Infanti
  • David Ingram
  • Mark Kenney
  • Pat Kenney
  • Eleanor Kubicek
  • Werner and Edeltraud Lenzko
  • John Loftus
  • Joseph Logrip
  • David Ludwig
  • Larry Maiorano
  • Anita Manetta
  • Stephen and Suzanne Marcoe
  • Kathleen Martin
  • Salvatore Mini
  • Joan Murphy
  • Helen and Joseph Naab
  • Francis News
  • Joe and Lynne Oakes
  • Mickey Olszewski
  • Anna O’Shaughnessy
  • Dave and Mary Reid
  • Robert Reilly
  • Salvatore Ritrovato
  • Teresa Rogosky
  • Lucy Sanvitale
  • Sister Bernadine Schmalhofer
  • Fran and Eve Swiacki
  • Steve and Patti Tirney
  • Bertha Volack
  • Ruth Weathers
  • Rick Witte
  • Clark Witte
The Communities of Don Guanella and Divine Providence.