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The world is populated with over 7 billion people scattered in different nations and communities, yet still, we seem to be connected in one way or another. Despite diverse cultures, norms, and religious practices, we find ourselves connected in so many ways, or just the simple understanding that we are one HUMAN FAMILY. Today, all over the world, we see war, hunger, and even hate crimes, including mass shootings. Pope Francis draws our attention to what it means “Journeying Together”; when he said that “these global tragedies revived the sense that we are a global community.” The war between Ukraine and Russia continues to affect us emotionally and economically. We can only overcome these adversities with the gift of love given to humankind by our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord taught us to “love one another.” As I reflect on this theme, I am empowered by Divine Providence to draw attention to our work here at DPV. Here, we show love and compassion towards people with special needs; because they are part of our journey on earth. Our devotion and daily interactions/participation in their lives complete our mission of charity and excellence. On earth, we all should have the moral responsibility to share in the lives of the needy. Pope Francis went on to say, “we are all in the same boat, where one person’s and community’s problems are the problems of all.” We at DPV live this moral obligation; we are part of the solution to our community’s social problem of people with special needs. In my daily work here, I share and empathize with family members; together, we bring light and happiness to their lives. At DPV, we deliver on God’s love as reflected in our Dignity, Compassion, Justice, Excellence, and Charity mission.

Simeon Queelyme
Behavioral Specialist/DPV