Sean Joseph Casey Memorial Greenhouse Blessing

//Sean Joseph Casey Memorial Greenhouse Blessing

On Saturday, November 5, 2016 family and friends of Sean Joseph Casey gathered at Our Lady of Fatima Day Programs in Secane. They came to honor Sean’s life and to celebrate his ‘immense presence’ and love for those with developmental disabilities (especially his Uncle Chris Kates). The Casey family and friends had worked diligently for several years to purchase and install a new greenhouse at Fatima. A formal dedication and blessing was led by Fr. Dennis Webber and Fr. Joseph Mulranen with the help of Chris.

One of the Greenhouse Blessing intercessions captured the beauty of this day and its impact for both the Casey and Don Guanella/Divine Providence families.

Sean’s family and friends have provided a continuing legacy of love that will serve the needs of Our Lady of Fatima Day program participants. May they draw comfort in seeing how their generosity, represented by this greenhouse built in Sean’s memory, will bring happiness and blessings upon others, including Sean’s uncle Chris. We pray to the Lord. 

The Communities of Don Guanella and Divine Providence.