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Community Employment

Building Meaningful Relationships

The Community Employment Program, one of the many components of the Day Programs at Our Lady of Fatima in Secane, is thriving. Below are a few success stories which exemplify the positive benefits realized by our clients, staff and the community when employment in a supportive environment is facilitated.

(l-r) Cathy, Darren Umble – Director of Employment Services, Jim Meehan – Managing Partner of 1847 Financial, Cheryl Peterson and Meghan

Meghan and Cathy

Attitude Ambassadors at 1847 Financial

Meghan and Cathy brighten the days of the many people employed in their large office building in Conshohocken. The ladies began working part-time at 1847 Financial as “Attitude Ambassadors” in November 2017. Cheryl Peterson, Employment Specialist for our Day Programs, transports and supports these ladies who have earned a special place in the hearts of their colleagues; they even have their own special parking space! Cathy and Meghan work throughout the entire building, but can most often be found on the 8th floor refilling copy machines, labeling, and sorting and delivering mail. They enjoy selling snacks to the entire building; Cathy welcomes guests and promotes sales and Meghan handles the money. Cathy has also volunteered at a daycare center for the past 16 years. She loves working with the children and keeping up with them. As for working at 1847 Financial, Cathy says, “We are both doing really well at our jobs and really enjoy meeting new people. The job is fun and interesting.” A model partner with the Developmental Programs Division, 1847 Financial employs our individuals and is also a financial supporter. Pat Bergmaier, one of their financial advisors, spoke to our families at a recent Town Hall Meeting on special needs financial planning. Thanks, 1847 Financial! 

Robert’s Wawa Story

Succeeding with Hard Work and Support

Robert is a great testament to the importance of going above and beyond what a job requires, and demonstrating a great work ethic. He started part-time with WAWA in March 2017, was briefly transferred to another store, and returned to the newly renovated WAWA in Holmes in October 2018. With the encouragement and support of his team, especially from his long-time DPV Life Sharing provider Shirley, Robert worked through some initial challenges with the new routines. He is responsible for cleaning and supplying the coffee and soda counters, keeping the condiments stocked, and vacuuming the rugs. Robert worked hard to master his new routine and job requirements well. He independently works his shift and no longer needs a job coach to tell him what has to be done next. Management, staff, and customers all express pride in Robert for having such a clean coffee counter and store. He has made friends with “the regulars” and has improved his verbal skills, speaking more and smiling a lot. Robert is a wonderful example of how job training, support, diligence, and hard work can help one succeed. Thank you, WAWA! 

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